MagneticShul is the brain child of Justin Sakofs. Justin grew up enmeshed in synagogue life where every family member was encouraged to find their own avenue to be involved, whether it was through preparing kiddush, organizing social events, participating in learning or being a regular at minyan. Professionally, Justin was quickly sought after as an educator to lead youth programming and engage them in synagogue life. It was during these experiences that Justin realized a tension existing between decorum and developmentally appropriate participation for youth of various ages. Parents would either shush children or let them run wild, each often raising eyebrows from fellow congregants. Justin observed that parents needed to bring a full entourage of supplies with their children to keep them content throughout services and very few, if any of the supplies were related to the synagogue or even Jewish. Fueled by this knowledge, Justin developed MagneticShul.

What is Egoz Media?

Justin’s grandmother once advised putting out walnuts on the Passover Seder Table, and he asked why. “So the children have something” was the response. Of course there is the act of eating walnuts requiring the crack of the shell, but when in their shell they also double as marbles. Whether played or eaten walnuts would keep children present at the seder. In tribute to her, Justin created Egoz Media as the way to engage in the world around us when we might look to escape. Egoz is the Hebrew term for walnut.

Contact Us

Justin is fairly reachable. Feel free to email him at or call 727.437.2224. Look forward to chatting soon.