How does MagneticShul teach diversity?

By creating the people and props as separate magnets, the user is in control over who does what. For example, you place an individual on the bimah to open the ark or near the Torah to receive an aliya.

How is MagneticShul inclusive?

From the very beginning, MagneticShul sought to engage as many people of all ages and abilities possible. In use, MagneticShul allows pre-literate children to be physically present during services and attend mentally on their terms.

What is the different between the egalitarian and traditional sets?

The egalitarian set includes an amazing magnet of a woman in a tallit. She came as addition after hearing that the tallit wearing male in the base set is the rabbi and therefore also a tallit wearing woman is also necessary. For the record, neither was conceived to be clergy at the beginning. The male was kept in the set because he looks like the creator. (Admittedly, he is a little vein here.)

How do you support educators?

Check out our resources for educators. Justin is an educator by training and is happy to talk shop and provide ideas of how MagneticShul could be used with large groups of children – in school, shul or virtually.

I run my synagogue gift shop, do you offer discounts for resale?

Contact Justin, he would be more than happy to assist. Justin wants to get more MagneticShul in the hands of children, so please don’t be shy.

I’m looking to place a bulk order to provide a MagneticShul for graduates of our ECC, can you help me?

Absolutely! Justin would love to help you get them into the hands of children. Drop him a note and he’ll be in touch with next steps.

What are examples of the magnets?

With over 50 people and props one encounters at shul, they run the gambit of Shabbat, hagim, weekday and more.

How small are the magnets?

The smallest magnet is a kippa. Most are the size of a US/Canadian nickel and all larger. The largest magnet is either the curtain, bimah or table.

Where can I buy MagneticShul?

Here, direct from us. On Amazon, if it hasn’t been removed yet. Your local gift shop (see above).