MagneticShul began as an idea. Based on years of experience as a regular synagogue professional and congregant, Justin recognized the disconnect experienced by adults and youth in the same environment. Adults were able to access it as the environment was designed with them in mind – intellectual sermons, literacy skills of reading the Torah and siddur. Children could just rely on the sights and sounds to engage and unfortunately for the parents, these are often not enough to engage them the entire time. From this, the flagship MagneticShul was born.

The Flagship MagneticShul – $25

Available in both Traditional and Egalitarian

The self-contained tin measuring 8x10x1 when closed, with a background of the sanctuary and over 50 magnets of the people and props you encounter at shul.

The difference between the Traditional and Egalitarian sets is the inclusion of a “female clergy member” as marked by wearing a tallit. For the sake of play and exploration all sets include a tallit magnet which you can put around any individual you’d like.

The Frontal MagneticShul – $10

13×17” of the same sanctuary found inside the flagship box units. Each background has magnets hidden in the sides to allow for easy affixing to any magnetic surface, such as a classroom whiteboard, filing cabinet or kitchen fridge.

Also available in Traditional Egalitarian Sets

Bulk Orders

Preferential pricing for both units and shipping is available when ordering 5, 12 or 48 units of the Flagship units.

Expansion Sets – $5

Increase the number of magnets to include an extra child (blond hair and blue eyed) ready to be at the center of your scene, a table to set for kiddush and if you’d like another female clergy member, she is available too. In addition to these magnets, you will receive reversable backgrounds to create scenes of a shabbat table and the sukkah.

Please contact Justin at to place an order. We recently were removed from Amazon’s FBA program due to the high storage fees.